Hi Paul,

Attached is a project which might be of interest to you.



2007 NOSA MEDC Project proposal

In the NOSA project we are developing a complete standards compliant platform and Middleware for integration of sensor networks with the emerging distributed platform of Grid Computing. The integration of these two technologies allows sensor networks to off-load heavy processing activities to WSRF compliant Web Services and for Services to deploy advanced capabilities for smart-sensing with scenario-specific operators deployed at runtime.

We adopt a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) approach to describe, discover and invoke services from a heterogeneous platform using XML and SOAP standards. Services are written in Java and defined for common operations including data
aggregation, scheduling, resource allocation and resource discovery.

This project has opportunities for students to carryout their course projects (e.g., MEDC Project). We are seeking student(s) interested in the development of multi threaded software to interface between existing Java code and our Sensor networks. The scope of the project includes potential for the development of smart clients capable of running
on mobile devices, or other interesting ideas with potential for negotiation. Students will
need to be familiar with Grid Computing, Java, Web Services, XML and multi-threading.


And Next Monday, I should have chance to play Sun SPOT~~~If so, I should be one of the pioneer developers in CN 🙂 cool