Illinois Institute of Technology–Chicago-Kent College of Law

Chicago-Kent College of Law is an ABA accredited law school in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago-Kent is part of the Illinois Institute of Technology. The School’s name is a combination of two law schools which merged in 1900 to form present day Chicago-Kent: the Chicago College of Law and the Kent College of Law. Chicago-Kent is considered one of Chicago’s top law schools – criteria for admission has increased dramatically in the past five years. The 2005 full-time entering class has a median LSAT of 161, a median GPA of 3.50.
Chicago-Kent teaches a standard first year law school curriculum with courses in Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property and Civil Procedure.
The school places a heavy emphasis on Legal Research and Writing. Kent’s writing curriculum has been used as a model for other programs.
Students are well prepared to take the Illinois bar exam, with an 88.5% first time pass rate.
The school is founded as the Chicago College of Law in 1888.
Chicago College of Law and the Kent College of Law merge to form the Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1900.
The school received its American Bar Association accreditation in 1936.
Chicago-Kent and the Illinois Institute of Technology merged in 1969.
Landmark three year legal writing program begins in 1978.
Notable Alumni
Ida Platt, 1894. First black woman admitted to the Illinois bar, second woman of color admitted to bar in the United States.
Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, 1925. Appointed to Federal Court for the Northern District of Illinois by President Kennedy, 1963.
Richard B. Ogilvie, 1949. Illinois Governor, 1969-1973.